Meine Kim Wilde Live bzw. Rare Sammlung

  1. A BIG HUNK OF LOVE (Live) 1983
  3. FEVER (Live Einlage) 1986
  4. TRACKS OF MY TEARS (Live) 1991
  5. SHAKE, RATTLE & ROLL (Live) 1991
  6. WHEN THE BOY'S HAPPY (Live) 1982
  7. WONDERFUL WORLD (Live) 1991
  8. BYE BYE LOVE (with Laurent Voulzy, TV Only)
  9. BELLE ILE EN MER (with Laurent Voulzy, TV Only)
  10. REAL WILD CHILD (Live)
  11. They Can't That Take Away From Me (TV)
  12. Mes Nuits Sans Kim Wilde (Laurent Voulzy)
  13. SORRY SEEMS TO BE THE HARDEST WORD (live with Marty Wilde 1987)
  14. HARVEST FOR THE WORLD (with Jason Donovan for Amnesty \line International,TV Only)
  15. WE HAVE TO LEARN TO LEAVE ALONE (with Michel Berger,TV Only)
  16. TREAT ME NICE (live)
  17. ONE NIGHT (live)
  18. How do you want my Love (live)
  19. Have yourself a merry little Christmas  2006
  20. TEDDY BEAR (live with Johnny Halliday, TV Only) 1982
  21. I believe my own eyes (from Tommy Musical 1996) 
  22. SOMETHING STUPID (with Des O'connor, TV Only)
  23. Que Sara Sara (Stars in their Eyes August 2002) 
  24. If there was love (Nathan Moore und Kim Wilde 2002)
  25. Nobody does it better (Stars in their Eyes Dezember 2002) 
  26. An der Nordseeküste (Die Goldene 1 vom 21.9.1992)

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